It's All About (The) Compare car insurance

It's All About (The) Compare car insurance
It's All About (The) Compare car insurance Compares your safe's car with more than 15 companies and find the best safe. In less than two minutes you can compare rates and drive from different insurance companies according to your profile in driver and vehicle insurance coverage.

In, we help the client to compare various types of car insurance with a single form avoiding you may need to perform the same query to each of the insurance companies.

The easiest way to save time and money on your car insurance is to compare price between the different products on the market, paying special attention to the modality of car insurance coverage that we hire.

Car insurance, can be employed in different modalities, consisting of a package of coverages (which will expand as we extend mode). All modalities have coverage of compulsory Civil liability, which as its name suggests it is a compulsory insurance by law and ensuring that the damages to third parties, are covered.

Remember to perform a comparative car insurance, it is the most effective way to save on your car insurance. It allows to compare different rates and coverage among the companies considering the type of driver and vehicle to ensure.
How to calculate prices for your car insurance

To calculate the price of your car insurance, fill out our form, indicating brand, model, and version of the vehicle and who will be the driver. In less than 2 minutes, you'll find more than 15 companies car insurance prices or if you wish call you free to help you find the coverage and insurance you need.
Insurance of car at the best price by comparing in multiple insurance

In you is the option of compare your safe of car with more than 15 insurance with a unique form, so have the option of compare different products and modalities of them different insurance (without perform the same consultation to each an of them companies), as well as them coverage and services that you offer.

In less than 2 minutes, find prices of more than 15 companies of insurance of car or if it want you call free to help you to find them coverage and safe that need to the best price of the market.

The price of car insurance, varies according to the profile of the driver and the vehicle to ensure. The profile of the driver, amended it prima depending on its age, years of experience as driver and his behavior as such (if has had or not claims). The data of the vehicle that will affect the price, will be their technical specifications such as displacement, power, number of doors as well as the year of enrolment and kilometres that cover, among others.
All coverages and cheap car insurance

The price of car insurance, depends on the mode (third, expanded third-party or all risk) contracted, coverage and capitals (in addition to the profile of the driver and vehicle).

In you will learn how to find cheap car insurance. Properly choose that mode of insurance of car hire, can be tricky, but if you wish call you free, to help you choose your insurance.

Before hiring a car insurance it is important to know the different options and modalities can access. Some of them can be expanded, but there are three modes:

Seguro a terceros básico, que incluye *:
  •     Responsabilidad Civil Obligatoria
  •     Responsabilidad Civil Voluntaria
  •     Seguro de accidentes del conductor
  •     Seguro de accidentes para ocupantes
  •     Defensa jurídica y reclamación de daños
  •     Asistencia en carretera

Secure a third expanded, which includes *:
  • Compulsory Civil liability
  • Voluntary Civil liability
  • Driver insurance
  • Accident insurance for passengers
  • Legal expenses and claims for damages
  • Roadside assistance
  • Broken moons and windshield
  • Theft and fire

Safe to all risk, which includes *:
  • Liability Civil compulsory
  • Liability Civil voluntary
  • Driver insurance
  • Accident insurance for passengers
  • Legal expenses and claims for damages
  • Roadside assistance
  • Broken moons and windshield
  • Theft and fire
  • Damages own
  • Insurance of accidents of the driver and occupants

There are safe of car in which can hire of form optional coverages as vehicle of replacement, withdrawal of card or defense of fines and others that you it include directly in any of the modalities.

(*) These coverages may vary depending on the companies
Hire a safe of car by days

If what you need is a car insurance for days because you're going to use this vehicle only on a temporary basis or until you purchase the annual car insurance, here you will find your car insurance for days.

As required by law, all motor vehicle must be insured, so days car insurance is a fast and reliable solution until you hire an annual car insurance.
Brands of car

At we work with various car insurance companies to make it whatever your vehicle always find the best price with the best coverage. There are different brands of car and you can find them all in our car insurance comparison. Check out different brands of car here or access our car insurance price comparison to start saving.
Car insurance: frequently asked questions
How to compare car insurance?

Compare car insurance is easy with the help of You only need to fill out a form to get prices from different car insurance companies.

You only have to answer questions about the driver (or drivers) vehicle, car data for which you are going to hire your insurance and your previous insurance data.

On the driver

There are certain features of the driver that may condition the price of its safe of car, as your age, date of the carnet of lead, profession, Code postal of circulation,...

About the car

It is important that the insurance company know all the data of the vehicle: make, model, and version, fuel, number of doors, date it was purchased, miles that you drive per year, where Park the vehicle, what is it used for and if you have trailer.

On your insurance of car former

There are factors concerning your previous insurance that can influence the price of your new insurance as: If you've had or non-secure above, how many years have been secured and if you have had any part.

Finally, just indicate when you want to start your insurance and your email to receive the comparison and to consult it again later.

What is the value market?

It is the value that has the vehicle at the time of the accident, and is calculated knowing much of this model, with the same features and same old today, including also the extras that have if they were declared in the policy, so that the insurance company will compensate you.

It must be taken into account that the sale value and the purchase value is not the same and the difference between one and the other may be from 20% to 30%.

He value of sale, is the price that as particular, le das to your car used, imagine you that it sell by 6,000 euros (its value venal), and the value of buy would be which a dealer you would give in case of wanting to buy it, and by that same car that was sold by 6,000 euros, the dealer you would ask some 7,200 euros, and this difference is due to them expenses by transfer (taxes) , possible arrangements carried out in the vehicle, more profit for the seller.
What is the value again?

If you compensate with value again, the company will give us the amount equivalent to the value that has that new vehicle at the time of the incident, with the same characteristics, even accessories if they are declared in policy, taxes and registration costs included.

Also it will give us the option to buy a new vehicle with the same characteristics or the same model if it is available.
Do I have to declare all of the extra accessories car?

So that your car insurance covers the extra accessories that you've added to the vehicle, it is necessary to declare them whenever they exceed the value of €500. It is also possible, the insurance company to send an expert to review those accessories.
What to do in case of accident?

There are different types of accidents and how to act will depend on the nature of the same: sinister circulating with the vehicle, loss of theft and loss of travel assistance. In case of loss, it is important that you get in touch with your insurance company. The fastest way is through the phone that companies make it easy to do so or if you hired your policy through our claims Department will help you manage this process.
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