Understanding Car insurance What you need to know 101 | Auto Insurance Quote

Understanding Car insurance What you need to know 101  Auto Insurance Quote

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Like. You did it in a minute immediate interest. If you're. This be as good help me. I'm in strategic places 38 months needs. I think it's like. I. Your use. Or, Order recently we. That cover just work. Yeah so what you see my. My headset lighted my hair there episode guide book I just want to go over it like different types of coverages. Got somebody. Terence they should definitely look what it does not keep the mind this is a generalization you give exact numbers they don't know what's going. The previous again there's a lot more stuff versus the person that's in your. Pop. Acquittal. It is in the business. The better. I ask what your bottom in a panic averages you.

It's how you determine what coverage you need. What I'm looking at your income. The money come in. One look at your assets vehicles you own a house look the way you want you to look at you want your. Better. Your income levels here you want your cover just. It's here that we've something happens and you can't control and you get an accident it might your fault you know you dropped and you want to go grab it where you put the weight you hit somebody they're going to sue you if you don't have not covered. Yeah if they take a look at you. When they go to court to say okay well this guy making this much. But as insurance at this.

If this guy was going to block an insurance company. And that's really the maintenance item insurance that's basically what we want to have it set up. So your first set of coverage is called bodily injury. Pardon me I limits the column. So what did. If you're ready big. But what. He begins. But I. Statistics are a big. It is a big Pat as you top that. I. Yeah. It. You need. What are you you haven't Max it out you haven't thought about that person. So let's just say you how you do the same scenario and one guy gets hurt that cost $15000 medical. And the other 2 are only 5000. Okay so you boldly it's going to take 10000 for the first person so they might take me to court for the other 5 now medical. Or they might work your insurance will cover just. So if reality the recovery 10 by. So it's 20 it still covers the other 2 because it doesn't backs out the $20000 here.

Did Max out. 10000 women. Very careful statement homes are very very. Scary as part averages go obviously. Finances are there you know were taking it just right work that's the place to start. Typically what most people do it. How the working. About every state I know offers 25 and 50. Doesn't cost much more to up it to the. If I get. And it's not a lot of coverage. But it's at least not where you don't have a large income or you don't have a lot of that. It's it's starting added. Just. You gonna recruited. It is a little. Just. It is. That I hope. Really really low because most cars nowadays heats up there by $0 most cars. If it is. Little. That's a little. We would really like. You need to get that out. Bubble above that would be 100000. But the you you can do lower than that. Keep in mind up begin which is. This thing I am sure. So I'll be back coverage cops do not.

Don't don't try to save a couple dollars because it. Cost you a lot more in the. At. So as far as that you got I 152025 you know you can. We. Political operator. And and and and. It's not about some companies. Wonder if it but right now that's a little extreme. You're a millionaire that yeah. He wanted you to 50000 propaganda and you'll probably never ever call Hannah. Italy. Total Ferrari to get 250 now or you have to go down sites waited 10 cars that run into outs could admit you and Max out some recommendation also added that you're going to see it. Stick with their. The basic coverage if you go a little bit about so you get a 25. Most people opportunity right now. Not that. Good place to start. Yeah Billy Bob's cock personally I would pop up 50 now. Just to be safe. In a little bit nicer are it'll probably cost you making $5 every 6 months.

So, Just a little tip their insurance very expensive to do that property damage. Some states that's all yeah. Bodily injury property. The next coverage it's called a bug shirt motorist. Were you and I. Yeah eating. Same exact thing that we just talked about uninsured motorist bodily injury. And it should motors property. Right now this is protection. You. And the only time this ever comes into play is yeah. A person that. Does not happen here. So they're driving illegally or they just bought the car driving home it running do you. And they don't have insurance. You don't have this coverage you're not covered. What we see here where you would be covered. Full coverage on the vehicle without laying. So I need your bodily injury same exact averages 20 but it being elected 100 thousands of. You know now that accident 300000 which is the most common homeowners homeowner. Yeah back your mind. And that what I personally do. 250000 person 500000 accident.

Some companies what single moment about. So those are the ranges that. Yeah. But we in 3 it falls in the sea categories uninsured motorist. I have been you know an old car you may not want the uninsured property damage some states. I know so comes the packaging. This. Other states not what I'm about uninsured bodily injury. Not the property. But that was something a little brat out and. Yeah. Oddly injury uninsured bodily. Police recovers the other person uninsured while you were here. In the event that happened here. Best way to think of it. It you take off your hurt you've got some that. Or the card damaging that whatever coverage you select. Whether it's 5000. You can't do it separately. So you could have your bodily injury at 400. Now if you're unsure about thinking about. So whatever you want uninsured in most states is fairly expensive.

Just to remind some states like Florida. It's really it's but I'd be careful some states are really expensive. It's very. I've seen uninsured motorist cost $15 for 6 months. Check with your insurance agent if you're doing that coverage you'll find out what the cost of just that coverage alone in. It's too much. That and kind of bigger but like what I personally area. But you also get your medical insurance caught sight of the card hearings. The only thing you have to be very very careful is all insurance companies. Our medical through work album cover auto accident. Going to do it. Sure you call them and chat that make sure that the upper arms. And. There's also something called that day. Not that states for medical payments. This is in India. No matter that don't have insurance doesn't matter that you have insurance. Typically let's see you cause a car accident. No matter what happens you're not covered medic. Because if you're the one at fault.

Your church has been abducted it for you. But that. At medical. You don't have your medical insurance. That pays better if that thing to do. You have your medical insurance as long as the cover the accident then it's not necessarily something I would recommend. So met hate usually don't have a lot of options. Using the 5000 which is the most common. Out you can do 10000 and some states goal of recently. 100 out. If you're in Michigan for example. There's a limit they actually the state required to at the time that I'm doing. Up the steep requires you to how a medical coverage you. Through your own medical and you. Where did the 2 so that you're not paying for both of our. Or you can. Or the state forces you to have it will result in 1000000 but it's really young women is part medical. Michigan people if you're watching this up that's what I'm reading a lot little on little things we. Michigan. Article 9 of the insurance world is a lot more expensive a lot under there and that's because of the madman.

Florida they have something called personally protection I think because it. Are. Here's. So there's there's about 4 by 6 that doesn't mean the Florida. I'm personally protection in Florida is 10 out diamonds. About a. But I think that's just. Part of the policy you have insurance. You have personal integrity. What. But the thing is it doesn't capable thousands of years we got to be very careful. So. Personal injury. Those are very similar work. In certain states you gotta yeah I know what exactly Congress so you're when you're little work. But I'm a little. I. About. Up a little bit up. I think. Right because attachment I had. But I mean you know her. You. Did you get your Dick. I didn't know what. I I think it's a little. I hope that I up. About of them up. You need. All. I got a little bit we needed to get. Dreary really weak. I'm gonna n'dour to. About up. We. About up reading. Yeah and. About a minute and. You're going to be. About up. Really really really really damaged. That. That's that's all built my ability called live. What do you think you're liable for you because it acts. This is. I got up. Yeah. Prince of. Okay. And collision.

Comprehensive best way to think about that what your car sitting there. That's a copy and. So yeah. Hill damage. The car gets damaged from hail yeah the wind chill rappers that's not. I believe it is what you are you getting animal that falls under comprehensive so I know your movie. And that would be what get most situations being who is on that. Apprehensive it's gonna come with a deductible. Some companies offer 0 deductibles you not need anything but that didn't cost you more money. Sure. I'm most commonly people will do 100 or $250 deductible. That would mean it. There's someone be unless you are or heal the images you're not your car will be covered let you see your cards and out dog bark. Carter might use your. So the insurance company and not not fix it minus your 2 bit deductible of that's not. That's coming up. Collision. Is not one. You cause the accident they cut the accident it doesn't matter your card. Typically a lot of people to a higher deductible on that because that's.

The most expensive needs. Covering the carton. So most commonly done all that I see is 500. Some people that want to see next refunds they'll do about the bull I'm just make sure you might get up there without knowledge available that if you get an accident. After a month I ate about. And that you're working on the axons. Arts and now are. A little. If you're going to get you know I I. I heard. You can. They have insurance. Their insurance is typically. 8 your did. Okay so that's that's where it kind of comes into place of me personally. I've never Austin acts. So I'm not worried about having a large double. I still I stick with the basics I do what I thought about it up on my vehicle. As far as the vehicles themselves. Don't you want apple country. Here's my personal opinion. Do it anyway you want. But here's what I personally. If. The. Are the cost of all countries comprehensive Middle East. Might you hear how pleased with the outcome. I don't think. It's the opposite. If I'm wrong to be a comment but you know there's a stamp and if you think I'm 95 percent on license. Stains. So I yum. I don't always do exactly.

I don't Walker collision without coming in. It's not an option. Here. It's back it's not. I bet you don't wanna out collegiate not there what the comprehensive comprehensive his cheek by the way. It's not that expensive sometimes seem to outnumber the. Some of them a little. That's. Don't just. A lot of. It it it it. I did a lot of. About a little. It it it it it it it it a little bit of. And on and on about. We. You could. Hearing. Is more than what I'm comfortable with so it if it's a but now you are. It's going to cost me over a 3 year period. Out sick probably 2 to $3000 I will cover. Because the odds of me having an accident 3 your your words might fall. Are very low means almost not because I I've never had an accident what was Michael release if I did my 2 big company with. IPad iPad need additional split but nice it occur button again exhibits $500 what's the point might well not manger. Anything under me as I had an apple. Comprehensive list. If you guys have questions if you're curious I mean you basic advice I don't want you stop it stop because legally I don't think I'm allowed out. You know I don't think legally I want the responsibility if something does happen site that's my disclosure in here I don't well meeting these numbers I'm just giving.

Some ideas here's my thought process. I'm in. You look at it just remember when you talk to an injury need got Capri. Not not repent number. That's out of the little bundle of people think it's comprehensive. Which is why we don't areas is that among the next coverage you've got back on the property management and a motorist collision. I'm toilet road service. So I do you want to avoid roads here get flat tires one number. To be honest with you I. Triple a is by our. That's how you put a price last time I checked I doubt. All occurred. Some of the lowest. What are the needs. I used to. Yeah up. What we need. An amendment. You did. Because I don't use it. I've already got it in my auto one in $7 every 6 months or so it's not going to kill me. Even as it. Rental car rental car is. In my opinion. If you need it. The good thing about. What you're gonna pay an extra 5. Dollars. In your insurance bill. So everything ends up I mean you've got emails here elements here knowledge here I mean when you do get to it.

You're going to stop insurance here's my right. Sit down figure out what you know. I can afford under $20. Try to find a good. Look at your assets and your income. Where you're at in your student I never thought about that but not letting up. Your own house. Out really getting come out of that tired and all that what you hired not needed someone to give you a couple averages. Here's what I personally would. I would check. The little ones. The Piper person getting out Braxton bodily injury. And your property damage. That's a good starting point. That is affordable. You. You don't have medical. Scene thing from injured motors. 25 a person if you brought accident. It it it it it. Frequent pop up you know. But. Tactical. But it did not appear to be deterred. That I hadn. If it if it did not. And insight know VB checked the possibility of $100. Yeah it's only $5 more to.

It is a BMW that's it but I doubt dollars hot pocket by $0. You're not going. Same thing front your voters out numbers 0 accident property damage whatever the value of your cars or whatever you're comfortable having. I comet collision that's not only the car has nothing to do with you. Learn more not least likely to feel like it's not leave comments if you don't there's on that mess up the neck buttons not right in general questions and Christmas.
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